Xfce 稳定版更新:4.4.3

在开发 4.6 新版本的同时,Xfce 项目开发小组也没忘给目前的稳定分支更多关爱。近日,针对 4.4.x 稳定分支系列,Xfce 项目组发布了维护版本 4.4.3。Xfce 4.4.3 仅仅对窗口管理器 xfwm4、桌面管理器 xfdesktop、面板组件 xfce4-panel 中的缺陷进行了修正,并没有添加其他新特性。此外,这个版本也更新了一些翻译。

Xfce 4.4.3 changelog

Panel (xfce4-panel):

  • Quite a bit code changed in the dnd code. Mostly to fix a segfault in FreeBSD-amd64, but more problems were discovered and a lot of code was simplified.
  • Don't respond the uri drags, we don't use it and it only causes problems like hiding the panel when a file was dragged over the panel (Bug #3815).
  • Fix crash with xrandr 1.2 (Bug #3620)

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop):

  • Make menu panel plugin honor CustomizeDesktopMenu kiosk setting (Bug #1026).
  • Fix incorrect initial desktop font size when setting custom font size if a custom font was never set before (Bug #3957).

Window Manager (xfwm4):

  • Fix automaximize on move
  • Remove trailing \0 in UTF-8 strings, that causes libwnck to rightfully complain that NET_WM_NAME contains invalid UTF-8
  • Exit on SelectionClear event so that xfwm4 exits even with WM who do not send a ClientMessage event such as Openbox (Bug #2374)
  • Backport overlay and compositor support from trunk (Bug #3849)
  • Filter out grab/ungrab events so we don't end up redrawing the frame twice
  • Set monitor when positionning menu (Bug #4162)
  • Reduce flickering during resize (Bug #4283)
  • Fix NET_WM_STATE claiming maximization vertical and horizontal even if only horizontal of vertical is actually set (Should fix Bug


  • Loosen the rule that prevents an application from iconifying itself when skip_taskbar is set (Bug #4434)
  • Rework visual depth selection of the frame window (Bug #4452)
  • Add support for NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW
  • Take gravity bit into account in configure resize only requests to comply with standard (Bug #3634)
  • Add client windows to save set to avoid loosing all windows in case of crash
  • Use guint32 instead of Time internally to avoid potential issues in 64bits
  • Add a "--replace" command line option to replace ICCCM2 compliant window managers (Bug #3731)

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