Sonata 1.5 发布

Sonata 是一款我颇为喜欢的 MPD 客户端。该音乐播放客户端给人的感觉是简洁而优雅。近日,作为 Sonata 的开发者,Scott Horowitz 通过邮件列表发布了新的 Sonata 1.5 版。这是一个包含许多变动的版本,最主要的是,Sonata 现在使用新的 Python-mpd 这个 Python 接口,对于程序执行速度的提升十分明显。另外,Sonata 1.5 还改善了界面,并修正了若干 bug。

Sonata 1.5 的详细更改记录为:

  • Replace album view with genre view for library
  • Display covers for albums in artist/genre views
  • Add menu items and shortcuts for playing library items after add/replace
  • Allow setting artwork for streams
  • Optional stylized album art with cases (Aidan)
  • New, faster python mpd interface (jat)
  • --popup argument to popup song notification (requires D-Bus) (Oleg)
  • Show 'Untagged' artists/genres in their respective library views
  • Allow DND of cover art from a web browser (Артем)
  • Allow DND of music from a file manager into playlist (requires mpd 0.14)
  • Preserve column percentages for current tab across window resizing
  • Speed up mpd-related commandline arguments
  • Switch back to last tab on second cover art click
  • Retain selection in lists after removing items
  • Hidden config option to expand notebook tabs (tabs_expanded)
  • Set ServiceProxy cachedir for lyrics to work around ZSI bug
  • Add Estonian translation (Mihkel)
  • Bug: Fix multimedia keys for gnome 2.22
  • Bug: Fix artwork for artists/albums with "/" in them (e.g. AC/DC)
  • Bug: Fix egg trayicon with vertical system tray
  • Bug: Weird bug in library-view
  • Bug: Prevent failure to load if tab positions are saved as None
  • Bug: Fix non-ascii characters in files for non-utf8 filesystems (zap)
  • Bug: Prevent crash with certain locales like turkish (jat)
  • Bug: Using filter causes playlist to jump to the top
  • Bug: Fix AudioScrobblerQuery (kigurai)

目前,你可以从这里下载 Sonata 1.5 的源代码。稍后,适用于各主流 Linux 发行版的二进制包可能也会跟进。

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