xf86-video-ati 6.11.0 发布

开源 ATI 显卡驱动 xf86-video-ati 6.11.0 已经发布。本版本修正了上一版 6.10.0 中的诸多 bug,重写了 Crtc/output/encoder,以及修复了渲染器重复模式中的问题。据开发者透露,在下一版 6.12.0 中将包含针对 r6xx/r7xx 芯片的加速支持。


- - Lots of bug fixes since 6.10.0
- - Crtc/output/encoder rework
- - Render repeat mode fixes

6.12.0 will be soon to follow with accel support for r6xx/r7xx chips

Alan Coopersmith (2):
Remove xorgconfig & xorgcfg from See Also list in man page
Add README with pointers to mailing list, bugzilla & git repos

Alex Deucher (66):
Fix colors on tv-out
properly handle EnableYUV
Make sure we hit the right bios reg
missed one in last commit
Allow arbitrary tv-out modes
ATOM: rework object table parsing
ATOM: handle cases where TMDS uses linkb
ATOM: Adjust PLL setup for recent atom changes
ATOM: refactor output dpms
ATOM: rework encoder/transmitter setup
Bump version post release
RV280: add another AGP quirk
RV280 Add another AGP quirk
DCE30: LVTMA requires DIG2 encoder
ATOM: combine DAC setup functions
ATOM: switch to define for external tmds
start to re-org outputs
ATOM: round 1 of output rework
First pass at converting legacy code to encoder objects
clean up encoder setup
Fixup encoder setup on pre-ATOM chips
ATOM: more output cleanup
Switch legacy output code to use new encoder objects
ATOM: fix encoder init
fix legacy crtc routing and add some debugging info
More legacy rework
Fix logic cut and paste error
Move active_device setup to detect()
Fix compilation with RADEON_TRACE_FALL set
few more logic pasto's bits I missed
Remove TMDSType, DACType, LVDSType from output rec
track encoder state
Remove some unused cruft
Remove OutputType and other cruft
Additional output cleanup
Fix off by one when printing encoder name
Move legacy output setup functions to legacy_output.c
Warning fixes
ATOM: print useful output info for DPMS events
Fix legacy output setup
Encoders not assigned yet, use supported devices
Move encoder specific data to encoder dev_priv
Return NULL for encoder if no active device is assigned
Fix bad rv710 pci id
Fix encoder accounting
AVIVO: fix rotation
AVIVO: better fix for rotation
Add some missing r6xx/r7xx pci ids
Bump for rc release
RV350: add AGP quirk
ATOM: warning fixes
Bump version post RC release
Radeon EXA: wait for the engine to be idle before sw access
Revert "Radeon EXA: wait for the engine to be idle before sw access"
AVIVO: fix dualhead/rotation for real
R3xx-R5xx EXA: fix texture setup for non-repeat case
R1xx/R2xx EXA: fix non repeat texture setup
RV280: add another agp quirk
RV350: add another AGP quirk
Fix crtc routing on pre-DCE3.2 systems
ATOM: don't unblank uninitialized crtcs
ATOM: reset crtc initialized flag on CloseScreen()
DCE3.2+: allow output cloning
Set default RMX type to FULL on LVDS
R6xx: Connector quirk for asus board
bump for release

Christiaan van Dijk (1):
R3xx/R4xx: Maximize the use of clipped triangles for Xv rendering

Dave Airlie (3):
radeon: r500 PAL timings are slightly incorrect
r500: re-enable TV out
radeon: r500 tv-out force scaler values to nice set that looks correct

David Miller (2):
DRI: Fix page size used in RADEONDRIGetPciAperTableSize().
GART: Save/restore GART table consistently.

Fabio (1):
man page updates

Maciej Cencora (1):
Make sure gb_num_pipes is initialized when DRI is disabled

Michel Dänzer (5):
Don't transform EXA Composite mask coordinates when there's no mask.
Drop memcpy fallbacks from EXA UploadToScreen and
DownloadFromScreen hooks.
EXA: Accelerate Composite of RepeatPad/Reflect pictures when possible.
EXA: The source tiling code can't handle RepeatReflect yet.
EXA: If making a pixmap offscreen fails, return ~0ULL as texture offset.

Nicos Gollan (1):
Fixed enumerations in radeon-output.c

Thomas Jaeger (1):
Fall back to software for unsupported repeat modes

Tormod Volden (1):
Add yet another AGP quirk for RV280

Wolke Liu (1):
AVIVO: Save/restore vga pll registers

airlied (1):
rs780: include RS780 in the InitMemory to leave alone

你可以从这里下载 xf86-video-ati 6.11.0 的源代码

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