Wine-Doors 0.1.3 发布


Wine 软件安装管理包 Wine-Doors 发布了
0.1.3 版本。这不是一个修正版,这个版本里加入了很多新功能(比如设置 Wine
的颜色以配合 GTK 主题)和支持更多的 Windows 软件(比如 Spotify 和 Photoshop
CS2)。软件包格式也更方便维护,并且从 0.2 版后就不会再更改了(对于
Wine-Doors 0.1.2 版的失败很抱歉)。

现已提供源码包、deb 包和 rpm 包下载


Finally its time to release Wine-Doors 0.1.3!

This is not just a bugfix release, this release includes many new features
(like setting wine colours to match your GTK theme) and packages (like Spotify
and Photoshop CS2) also.

The package format has also changed to make package maintenance easier and it
won't be changing again until 0.2 (sorry for the 0.1.2 breakage everyone).

A tarball, .debs and .(s)rpms are available in the downloads section. Enjoy!

Ubuntu 和 Debian 用户可以加入此源:

deb intrepid main
deb-src intrepid main

以及 Key:



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