VirtualBox 1.5.4 发布

innotek 在近日发布了开源虚拟机软件 VirtualBox 的 1.5.4 版。自 VirtualBox 1.5.2 推出以来,VirtualBox 1.5.4 的主要改进包括:支持 USB 2.0、添加了 PulseAudio 后端、改善了 FreeBSD 客户机的兼容性等。推荐使用 VirtualBox 的朋友及时更新。


以下为 VirtualBox 1.5.4 的完整更改日志,谨供参考:

  • USB 2.0 support
  • PulseAudio backend
  • GUI: fixed accelerators in German translation
  • GUI: fixed registration dialog crashes
  • GUI: allow to enter unicode characters to the name of the registration dialog
  • GUI: pre-select attached media in the disk manager when opened from the VM settings dialog
  • GUI: remember the last active VM
  • GUI: don’t accept empty paths for serial/parallel ports in XML
  • GUI: fixed NumLock / CapsLock synchronizazion on Windows hosts
  • GUI: don’t start the kernel timer if no VM is active (Linux host)
  • VMM: improved compatibility with FreeBSD guests
  • VMM: properly restore CR4 after leaving VT-x mode
  • VMM: patch code and disassembler updates
  • VMM: with VT-x a pending interrupt could be cleared behind our back
  • VMM: workaround for missed cpuid patch (some Linux guests refuse to boot on multi-core CPUs)
  • VMM: fixed code for overriding CPUID values
  • API: don’t crash when trying to create a VM with a duplicate name
  • API: don’t crash when trying to access the settings of a VM when some other VMs are not accessible
  • API: fixed several memory leaks
  • ATA/IDE: fixed SuSE 9.1 CD read installer regression
  • Floppy: fixed inverted write protect flag
  • USB: virtualize an EHCI controller
  • USB: several minor fixes
  • Network: fixed MAC address check
  • Network: host interface fixes for Solaris guests
  • Network: guest networking stopped completely after taking a snapshot
  • Network: don’t crash if a network card is enabled but not attached
  • PXE: fix for PXE-EC8 error on soft reboot
  • NAT: update the DNS server IP address on every DNS packet sent by the guest
  • VGA: reset VRAM access handers after a fullscreen update
  • VGA: don’t overwrite guest’s VRAM when displaying a blank screen
  • ACPI: implemented the sleep button event
  • VRDP: fixed crash when querying VRDP properties
  • VRDP: netAddress fixes
  • VRDP: fixed the Pause/Break keys over VRDP
  • VRDP: sync NumLock / CapsLock sync over VRDP
  • VRDP: workaround for scrambled icons with a guest video mode of 16bpp
  • VRDP: reset modifer keys on RDP_INPUT_SYNCHRONIZE
  • VRDP: reset RDP updates after resize to prevent obsolete updates
  • Clipboard: Windows host/guest fixes
  • Clipboard: fixed a SEGFAULT on VM exit (Linux host)
  • Clipboard: fixed a buffer overflow (Linux host)
  • Shared Folders: fixed memory leaks
  • Linux installer: remove the old kernel module before compiling a new one
  • Linux host: compatibility fixes with Linux 2.6.24
  • Linux host: script fixes for ArchLinux
  • Linux host: load correct HAL library to determine DVD/floppy ( not
  • Linux host: make sure the tun kernel module is loaded before initializing static TAP interfaces
  • Windows additions: fixed hang during HGCM communication
  • Windows additions: fixed delay when shutting down the guest
  • Linux additions: added sendfile support to allow HTTP servers to send files on shared folders
  • Linux additions: make additions work with Fedora 8 (SELinux policy added)
  • Linux additions: sometimes ARGB pointers were display incorrectly
  • Linux additions: several small script fixes

除源代码外,VirtualBox 1.5.4 针对 Ubuntu、Debian、openSUSE、SUSE Linux Enterprise Server、Fedora、Mandriva、Red Hat Enterprise Linux、PCLinuxOS、Xandros Desktop 等 Linux 发行版提供有预编译的二进制包,你可以从 VirtualBox 的官方网站下载。

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