Totem 2.18.1

Totem 这个 GNOME 桌面环境中默认的电影播放器在今天发布了 2.18.1 版。该版本作出了一定的改进,并使程序更加稳定。

现引用 Totem 官方发布的 2.18.1 更改记录如下,以供大家参考:

  • Add xdg-user-dirs support, show Movies and Music directories
    in the file choosers
  • Avoid crashes when we can't figure out a file's display name
    and we're adding it to the recent files list
  • Make adding multiple files to a running Totem work again
  • Misc build, bug and memory leak fixes
  • GStreamer:
  • Don't ask over and over when the user cancels a helper for a
    missing plugin
  • Call the missing plugins helper when there's no video available
    and a subtitle was used
  • Make the seek bar behaves properly when no soundcards are used
  • Browser plugin:
  • Remove rejection of streams based on mime-type, should allow
    playback of many more broken servers
  • Make the wheel act properly on the volume button

Download Totem 2.18.1

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