Rhythmbox 0.10.0

Rhythmbox 是 GNOME 桌面中的音乐管理及播放软件,其风格与 iTunes 类似。最近,该软件放出了一个更新版 0.10.0,主要是修正了之前版本中所存在的大量 bug。

Rhythmbox 0.10.0 的更新记录为:

  • Fix assorted crashers
  • fix build issues
  • Fix typos
  • stop some critical warnings
  • Improve Jamendo error handling
  • Make compatible with libsoup other than 2.2.99
  • Italisise Magnatune text correctly
  • Fix some memory leaks
  • Use AudioScobbler logo properly
  • Don't cause gnome-power-manager to start
  • Fix some threading issues
  • Don't add files starting with a period
  • Improve Magnatune error handling
  • Fix sizing of playlist format combo box
  • Copy MP3s to audio players without lame installed
  • Updated translations

Download Rhythmbox 0.10.0

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