Rhythmbox 更新到 0.11.3 版

GNOME 桌面环境中默认的音乐播放及管理软件 Rhythmbox 在今日更新到了 0.11.3 版。该版本主要包括允许拖拉图像以用于显示专辑封面、允许手动连接分享 DAAP、支持 DAAP 智能播放列表及广播流、支持更多的歌词站点、改进了 UPnP 支持、默认启用音乐商店插件等等。另外,Rhythmbox 0.11.3 也修正了许多 bug,并更新了翻译。


Rhythmbox 0.11.3 的更新日志如下:

  • Allow drag-and-drop of images to the cover art display
  • Allow DAAP shares to be connected to manually
  • Support DAAP smart playlists and radio streams
  • Handle file name being passed on the command line again
  • Add "donate to artist" action to Jamendo plugin
  • Support some more lyric sites
  • Improvements and fixes to the cross-fading player
  • Improve UPnP support
  • Improve track importing, especially on generic audio players
  • Allow python plugins to use threads
  • Enable music store plugins by default
  • Support playback from fm radio tuner cards

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