Rhythmbox 0.9.8

Rhythmbox 是类似 Apple 中 iTunes 风格的音乐播放及管理软件,它以 GStreamer 媒体框架为基础构建,主要应用于 GNOME 桌面环境。日前,这个软件放出了新的版本,其版本号为 0.9.8。

Rhythmbox 最新版的改进主要包括以下方面:

  • move to SVN and move round lots of files. yay!
  • use "friendly" date-time in track list (William Jon McCann)
  • add visualisation plugin (Jonathan Matthew)
  • support more lastfm:// URIs (Jonathan Matthew)
  • split code out into a library common to plugins and the binary (Jonathan Matthew)
  • display cover art in the tray icon tooltop and song-change notification (Ed Catmur)
  • Magnatune improvements (Adam Zimmerman)
  • core art improvements, support art for podcasts et al (Ed Catmur, Martin Szulecki)
  • Python plugin improvements (James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew)
  • add support for the Jamendo online catalogue (Guillaume Desmottes)
  • support new Gnome "media key" mechanism (James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew)
  • support track transfer for "generic" audio players, and improve iPod track transfer support, including transcoding (James Livingston)
  • many build/run issues on Solaris (Irene Huang)
  • Nokia N800 support (William Jon McCann)
  • Many core improvements, for future work
  • the usual pile of minor features and bug fixes


Download Rhythmbox 0.9.8

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