ePDFView 0.1.7 发布

轻巧型 PDF 文档阅读工具 ePDFView 在时隔两年后发布了新的 0.1.7 版本。该版本支持选取文本、并可以将其复制到剪贴板,添加了一些类似 vi 的键盘绑定、修正了内存泄漏及崩溃问题、以及更新了简体中文、繁体中文等翻译。

以下为 ePDFView 0.1.7 更新日志,供参考:

New features

  • Text selection and copying to clipboard (Igor Vagulin).

Interface improvements

  • Loading from the command line does not resize the page more than necessary (Igor Vagulin).
  • Added more keybindins (many authors).
  • The focus is set to the document when loading.
  • Added 6-in-1 page print layout (Pablo Mazzini)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some memory leaks (Tilman Sauerbeck).
  • Removed some segfaults while selecting printer options.
  • Removed crashes in Gtk+ 2.10 (zhou sf)
  • Added support to compile with poppler 0.8.0.
  • Added support to compile with GCC 4.3 (Yves-Alexis).
  • Fixed hang in "Loading..." with Ubuntu Gutsy.

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