Deluge 0.5.4 发布

BitTorrent 下载软件 Deluge 在昨天晚上发布了 0.5.4 版。该版本为用户带来了一些新功能,同时,也修订了上个版本 0.5.3 中的错误。


Deluge 0.5.4 的详细更新情况如下:

  • Tray message includes session totals
  • Ticket #198 - Display peers countries in the Peers tab.
  • Ticket #474 - Multiple password prompts displayed
  • Pause all/resume all in tray menu
  • Peers and Files tabs are now plugins
  • New Location plugin
  • Option to use a random port every time
  • Proxy system redone - you can now specify different information for each type of proxy (DHT, peer, tracker, web-seed)
  • TorrentPieces plugin to view piece updates and show pieces table per file
  • EventLogger plugin to view/log every activity
  • SpeedLimiter plugin, which allows you to set speed limits on a per-torrent basis
  • New release alerts - Client will inform user if their version of deluge is outdated

  • Download Deluge 0.5.4 (source, deb, ebuild)

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