Compiz 0.8.0 发布

Compiz 的新版本 0.8.0 现已发布。自上一版 0.7.8 推出以来,Compiz 0.8.0 主要增加了新的 commands 和 gnomecompat 插件、支持 GNOME 2.24、调整了 gtk(kde4)-window-decorator、以及修正了一些内存泄漏问题。

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New plugin "commands" that handles the bindings for arbitrary commands that previously were handled in core. In addition to the previously present key bindings button and edge bindings were added as well.

New plugin "gnomecompat" which handles bindings that are exclusively used in the Gnome desktop environment and removed the corresponding bindings from core. This change fixes main menu and run dialog bindings for KDE users as those previously were conflicting between compiz and KDE. Gnome users upgrading should make sure to enable this plugin.

Added support for _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS EWMH hint.

Added support for reading the icon hint from the WM_HINTS property if _NET_WM_ICON is not available.

Update Gnome support for Gnome 2.24.

Added options to scale plugin that allow "toggle type" behaviour for key and button bindings.

Several memory leak fixes.

Adjusted gtk-window-decorator for newer libmetacity-private versions.

Fixed gtk-window-decorator display for RTL languages.

Adjusted kde4-window-decorator for KDE 4.2 API.

Large number of minor bug fixes, especially in resize handling and stacking code.

Translation updates

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