跨平台的全功能型 BitTorrent 客户端程序 Azureus 已经放出了更新版本。该版本除了在核心部分和插件方面添加了少许新特性之外,也相应地作出了部分改进。另外,新的版本也修正了一些 bug。为了获得更为理想的 BitTorrent 下载体验,正在使用 Azureus 的朋友不妨考虑升级到最新版来。

Azureus 所列出的该版本的更新情况为:

New Features:

  • Core | New users default save directory is now located in their "My Documents" directory, under "Azureus Downloads"
  • Core | Show alerts raised during closedown on next start as these often don't get displayed due to UI shutdown
  • Core | Allow plugin installs to place jars into the plugin-shared "shared/lib" directory
  • Plug | Unsafe config read/writing
  • Plug | Plugins can now open and close download bars


  • Core | Added scrape delay for stopped/errored torrents, and torrents with high share ratios
  • Core | Allow only one active scrape for each tracker
  • Core | Release piece-map when not required
  • Core | ASN lookup via DNS queries only
  • Core | Full recheck of torrent when part of torrent fails hash check on completion
  • Core | Take note of banned IPs when we have IP filter turned off - these are independent
  • Core | Disable download peer caching for private torrents
  • Core | Disconnect currently connected peers on tracker URL change for private torrents
  • Core | Remove unused download/upload specific stats from version-check message
  • Core | Include IP override in NAT check message for NAT check server to use
  • Plug | Timeout UPnP port releases during closedown to prevent Azureus hanging

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | Fix choke/unchoke cycle bug for lan local peers
  • Core | Fix auto moving torrent data with DND files
  • Core | Fix NPE causing XML stats not to be written
  • UI | Fix crash when opening non-torrent URL when OS has no recognized HTML viewer
  • UI | Fix big icon in name column for OSes using GTK
  • UI | Make Download Basket work again for drag and dropping

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