Zim 0.18

Zim 可以称之为桌面端的 Wiki 软件,无论是记录笔记,还是整理资料,该软件都十分有帮助。Zim 在昨天放出了新的版本 0.18,增加了一些新的特性,且修正了许多错误。

以下是 Zim 0.18 的更新记录,供大家参考:

  • Added "Update Link" feature when moving
  • Fine-tuned auto-linking behavior
  • Added "Copy Media" option for export
  • Added dialog to choose format for InsertDate
  • Added label and button for current date to Calendar
  • Fixed various win32 specific bugs
  • Fixed application hangs due to utf8 in page names
  • Added keybindings Shift-^L and for the side pane ^L and ^C to copy and paste links
  • Enabled drag-n-drop linking and ordering from the side pane
  • It is now possible to set a size for embedded images
  • Added --iconify and --geometry commandline switches
  • Added preliminary txt2tags export support
  • Added prelimenary support for multiple interface profiles
  • Merged Zim::Page::Text with Zim::Page - changing api for page

Download Zim 0.18

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