XMind 更新: 3.0.1

思维导图绘制软件 XMind 已经更新至 3.0.1 版本。这个版本添加了简体中文、繁体中文、德语、日语等语言包,并为 Debian/Ubuntu 提供了 32 位和 64 位的 DEB 二进制安装包。因为未看到官方说明,尚不清楚是否还有其他重要的更新。有知道的同学请留言补充。谢谢。


另外,现在需要注册后才能下载 XMind 3.0.1 了。


找到一份 XMind 3.0.1 更新列表 [via]:

New Features:
· New Mind Map Structure: Clockwise and Anti Clockwise
· Import XMind 2008 file.
· Export to XMind 2008 file.
· Map Shot: User can set a path to save.
· Hyperlink: Users can add Local File/Folder link, and topic link(in the same workbook) to a topic.
· The personal markers in a map can be seen after opening the map in
· another computer.
· Multi-lingual: New languages package including German, Janpanese, Chinese(Simplifiled), Chinese(Traditional)
· New relationship style: Zigzag.
· New markers.

· XMind can not run on PowerPC-based Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.
· Print dialog will be freeze sometimes.
· Marker, legend will become ugly if printing the map.
· Extract a Theme, and apply to a map. This theme will be lost after reopening XMind and that file.
· If users enable the Auto Save in XMind, open a new workbook and edit it, then leave XMind and do other work. After a while, there will be many "Save as" dialog.
· Open the build-in browser, and open a website, now if there is no response after clicking a URL inside this website, closing this
· browser view will close XMind.
· SpellCheck is in.
· If users use XMind 3 to open an XMind 2008 file which has wallpaper, that wallpaper can not be read.
· Some other bugs fixed.

· Can not open all XMind 2008 files directly.
· Theme will be seen after uploading and exporting to images.
· Users can drag an image into XMind as an individual topic.
· Ctrl+Home will let users focus on Central topic and central topic be at center.
· Users can change the Row order in Spreadsheet easily.
· Importing Mind Manager file performs better.
· Hightlight the theme in current map in the theme view.
· If a topic is near the left or right of editor, and now double clicking or F2 to edit it, the map will jump to let this topic be center of editor.
· The Fishbone Chart has tapered line.
· There is a print icon on toolbar.
· New .deb package for Debian/Ubuntu Linux.
· Open .xmind file directly from Share.xmind.net.
· Some other improvements.

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