"We're Linux" 视频竞赛入围名单公布

Linux 基金会已经宣布了“We're Linux”视频竞赛的入围名单,它们分别是 The Future is Open、The Origin...、Linux AD - What does it mean to be free?、Challenges At The Office、Linux pub。最终赢家将于今天晚上公布(太平洋时间)。

The Origin... from Agustin Eguia on Vimeo.

The origin...

因为众所周知的原因,YouTube 目前无法正常访问,所以我们只能选取其中之一在此展示。其它视频地址如下:

The Future is Open

Linux AD - What does it mean to be free?

Challenges At The Office

Linux pub (one video without subtitles, one with)

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