VirtualBox 1.3.8 发布

InnoTek 在几天前发布了一个 VirtualBox 的维护更新版 1.3.8。该版本包括许多改善和修正,且针对 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4) 和 Mandriva 2007.1 提供了专用的安装包。

VirtualBox 1.3.8 的更改情况如下(引用自官方):

  • Windows installer: fixed installation problem if UAC is active
  • Linux installer: added RPM for rhel4 and Mandriva 2007.1
  • Linux installer: remove any old vboxdrv modules in /lib/modules/*/misc
  • Linux installer: many small improvements for .deb and .rpm packages
  • Linux installer: improved setup of kernel module
  • GUI: Host-Fn sends Ctrl-Alt-Fn to the guest (Linux guest VT switch)
  • GUI: fixed setting for Internal Networking
  • GUI: show correct audio backend on Windows (dsound)
  • GUI: improved error messages if the kernel module is not accessible
  • GUI: never fail to start the GUI if the kernel module is not accessible
  • VMM: fixed occasional crashes when shutting down Windows TAP device
  • VMM: fixed issues with IBM's 1.4.2 JVM in Linux guests
  • RDP: fixed color encoding with 24bpp
  • BIOS: zero main memory on reboot
  • BIOS: added release logging
  • USB: fixed parsing of certain devices to prevent VBoxSVC crashes
  • USB: properly wakeup suspended ports
  • USB: fixed a problem with unplugged USB devices during suspend
  • Audio: fixed crashes on Vista hosts
  • NAT: allow configuration of incoming connections (aka port mapping)
  • Network: hard reset network device on reboot
  • iSCSI: fixed a hang of unpaused VMs accessing unresponsive iSCSI disks
  • Linux Additions: support Xorg 7.2.x
  • Linux Additions: fixed default video mode if all other modes are invalid
  • Linux Additions: set default DPI to 100,100
  • Linux Additions: fixed initialization of video driver on X server reset

Download VirtualBox 1.3.8

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