VirtualBox 1.3.6 发布

虚拟机软件 VirtualBox 已经发布了一个更新版本 1.3.6。据了解,新的版本进一步改进了适应各种系统的兼容性,并为 openSUSE 10.2 添加了一个定制的安装包。

以下引用 VirtualBox 官方发布的 1.3.6 更新记录,供大家参考。

  • Windows installer: perform installation for all users instead of just the current user (old behavior still available)
  • Linux installer: fixed license display to not block installation
  • Linux installer: added RPM for openSUSE 10.2
  • GUI: fixed problems with several keyboard layouts on Linux hosts
  • GUI: added online help on Linux hosts (using kchmviewer)
  • GUI: fixed handle leak on Windows hosts
  • Graphics: increased VRAM limit to 128MB
  • BIOS: fixed CD/DVD-ROM detection in Windows Vista guests
  • VMM: fixed incompatibility with OpenBSD 4.0
  • VDI: fixed issues with snapshot merging
  • Network: fixed incompatibility between Vista UAC and Host Interface Networking
  • Network: fixed issues with Windows NT 4.0 guests
  • Audio: fixed problem with ALSA on Linux before 2.6.18 causing system reboots
  • RDP: added support for MS RDP 6.0 clients
  • RDP: fixed issue with PAM authentication on certain distributions
  • RDP: fixed sporadic disconnects with MS RDP clients
  • RDP: fixed memory leak
  • iSCSI: improved behavior when pausing a VM with iSCSI connections
  • iSCSI: improved read timeout handling

Download VirtualBox 1.3.6

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