VirtualBox 1.3.4

InnoTek 公司在今天宣布了旗下的虚拟软件 VirtualBox 1.3.4 发布的消息。据了解,这是一次非常重要的更新。大量来自 VirtualBox 用户社区的反馈,大约超过 800 个的改进被整合到了新的版本中。同时,InnoTek 也同意了 Ubuntu 官方打算把 VirtualBox 整合到 Ubuntu 7.04 ("Feisty Fawn") 的请求。

以下是来自 VirtualBox 1.3.4 的更改列表,可供参考:

  • General: fixed unresolved symbol issue on Windows 2000 hosts
  • General: added warnings at VirtualBox startup when there is no valid Linux kernel module
  • General: fixed problem with unrecognized host CDROM/DVD drives on Linux
  • General: fixed compatibility issue with SELinux
  • GUI: improved USB user interface, easier filter definitions, menu to directly attach specific devices
  • GUI: added VM settings options for VRDP
  • GUI: fixed GDI handle leak on Windows hosts
  • GUI: worked around issue in the Metacity window manager (GNOME) leading to unmovable VM windows
  • GUI: show an information dialog before entering fullscreen mode about how to get back
  • GUI: several fixes and improvements
  • VMM: fixed occasional crashes when shutting down a Windows guest
  • VMM: fixed crash while loading Xorg on openSUSE 10.2
  • VMM: fixed problems with OpenBSD 3.9 and 4.0
  • VMM: fixed crash while loading XFree86 in SUSE 9.1
  • VMM: fixed Debian 3.1 (Sarge) installation problem (network failure)
  • VMM: fixed crash during SUSE 10.2 installation
  • VMM: fixed crash during Ubuntu 7.04 RC boot
  • VMM: fixed crash during ThinClientOS (Linux 2.4.33) bootup
  • ATA/IDE: pause VM when host disk is full and display message
  • ATA/IDE: fixed incompatibility with OpenSolaris 10
  • VDI containers: do not allocate blocks when guest only writes zeros to it (size optimization when zeroing freespace prior to compacting)
  • CDROM/DVD: fixed media recognition by Linux guests
  • Network: corrected reporting of physical interfaces (fixes Linux guest warnings)
  • Network: fixed IRQ conflict causing occassional major slowdowns with XP guests
  • Network: significantly improved send performance
  • Audio: added mixer support to the AC'97 codec (master volume only)
  • Audio: added support for ALSA on Linux (native, no OSS emulation)
  • iSCSI: improved LUN handling
  • iSCSI: fixed hang due to packet overflow
  • iSCSI: pause VM on iSCSI connection loss
  • Linux module: never fail unloading the module (blocks Ubuntu/Debian uninstall)
  • Linux module: improved compatibility with NMI watchdog enabled
  • Windows Additions: fixed hardware mouse pointer with Windows 2003 Server guests
  • Linux Additions: compile everything from sources instead of using precompiled objects
  • Linux Additions: better compatibility with older glibc versions
  • Linux Additions: when uninstalling, only delete the files we put there during installation, don't remove the directory recursively to prevent unwanted data loss
  • Linux Installer: added support for Slackware
  • Linux Additions: added support for Linux 2.4.28 to 2.4.34
  • RDP: fixed sporadic disconnects with MS RDP clients
  • RDP: fixed race condition during resolution resize leading to rare crashes

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