Ubuntu 7.04 的开发代号被确定为“Feisty Fawn”

虽然如今 Ubuntu 6.10 尚未正式发布(计划是本月 26 日),但 Mark Shuttleworth 已经在邮件列表中公布了 Ubuntu 下一版 7.04 的开发代号——Feisty Fawn。按照计划,Ubuntu 7.04 将于 2007 年 4 月 19 日发布。

在 Feisty Fawn 中,将主要聚焦于下面部分的开发:

The main themes for feature development in this release will be improvements to hardware support in the laptop, desktop and high-end server market, and aggressive adoption of emerging desktop technologies. Ubuntu's Feisty release will put the spotlight on multimedia enablement and desktop effects. We expect this to be a very gratifying release for both users and developers.

看起来还是蛮诱人的 :)

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