Transmission 1.10 发布

轻量、好用的跨平台 BitTorrent 下载软件 Transmission 在今天发布了 1.10 版。新版本具有更少的内存消耗,并改进了后端。此外,对于 GTK+ 界面也进行了改善。


Transmission 1.10 的详细更改内容如下:

All Platforms:
+ Stop torrents when downloading and the disk becomes full
+ Removing a torrent also removes it from the cache
+ Smaller memory footprint per-torrent and per-peer
+ Various backend bugfixes & improvements
+ Window when adding torrents to select files and other settings
+ Leopard: Collapsable group dividers
+ Use the file icon as the per-torrent action button
+ Tracker tab in the inspector
+ Message log specifies the torrent/activity the message relates to
+ Updated images in the inspector
+ Optional display of remaining time while seeding in Minimal View
+ Improved accuracy for displaying the remaining disk space warning
+ Window for selecting files & priorities when opening torrents
+ Display a system tray popup when a torrent finishes downloading
+ Watch folder for auto-adding torrents
+ Improved preferences dialog and message log window
+ Tracker tab in the Details window
+ Dozens of usability, Gnome HIG, and i18n improvements
+ Support KDE button ordering
+ Option to delete a torrent and its downloaded files
+ Ability to force a "Verify Local Data" for a torrent

你可以从这里下载 Transmission 1.10 的源代码

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