To all: We will be back at the end of Jun...

To all the friends concerning LinuxToy,


I, on Toy and all the authors' behalf, apologize for our absence these days unofficially (Unauthorized by Toy).

I myself are quite busy these days, for the coming exams. As to me, Human Neuropsychology is much more difficult than anything else. But no matter what happens, I will defiantly bring my reports back at the end of Jun.

The situation of our leader and administrator, Toy,  is not very clear. It's not a long time since I became one of the authors. Right now, the only thing we could do probably is to give our best wishes.



我们的领袖及管理员Toy 兄的情况并不十分清楚,我加入这个写作团队的时间并不长。现在,我们唯一可能做的事就是向Toy致以最好的祝福。
This Post will be deleted after I first add news at the end of Jun, obviously nobody wants the LinuxToy becomes a personal blog. If someone comes back before me, please feel free to delete it.

Thank you very much for all of your comments, suggestions, to our truly friends.





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