Skype 2.0 Beta 更新

在上月初,Skype 推出了包含视频通话功能的 2.0 Beta 版。近日,Skype 方面对该版本进行了更新,其版本号显示为。这个版本一方面添加了一些新的特性和改进,使 Skype 更加好用;另一方面,也 hotfix 了很多反馈的问题。


Skype 的更新记录如下:

  • feature: Command-line login functionality provided by —pipelogin
  • feature: Show when someone is speaking during a call
  • feature: API: Add GET/SET WINDOWSTATE functionality
  • feature: Shift-Enter in contact list will activate the opposite default action on the selected contact (call instead of chat and vice versa)
  • improvement: UYVY conversion for Apple iSight cameras.
  • improvement: Changes to ease CPU usage on v4l(1) cameras
  • improvement: Support for more resolutions on v4l and v4l2 cameras
  • improvement: Avoid flickering in the call window video area
  • bugfix: Crash for v4l cameras when switching resolution.
  • bugfix: Crash when finishing call with some cameras.
  • bugfix: Crash/memory leak with uvc cameras on fglrx driver.
  • bugfix: Workaround for uvc split-frame video bug with new Logitech cameras.
  • bugfix: Allow toggling of fullscreen while video is paused.
  • bugfix: Unable to resume video after resuming the call.
  • bugfix: Disable video while in a conference call.
  • bugfix: Crash on View Profile in Qt 4.3.1 and earlier.
  • bugfix: Fix contact/event skipping whilst scrolling through Contact List and Events History with keyboard.
  • bugfix: Fix Call button for newly added SkypeOut contact. Remove Chat button for newly added SkypeOut contact.
  • bugfix: Close chat window when you leave chat.
  • bugfix: Cancel search (if active) or close Search window if Escape is pressed.
  • bugfix: Add connecting animation to status icon.
  • bugfix: Don’t call random names when quickfilter reveals a single selection and we press enter.
  • bugfix: Rejecting incoming calls from the incoming call popup should redirect to Voicemail if necessary.
  • bugfix: Incoming file transfer in Do Not Disturb should go to New Events area without popup window.
  • bugfix: Add tooltip for (flag:xx) in chat.
  • bugfix: API: “OPEN FILETRANFER … IN path” command improvements.
  • bugfix: When offline, the number of online users should not be shown.
  • bugfix: Shift-F3 should bring Find in chat dialog with search direction preset to Up.

Skype 可用于 Ubuntu、Debian、Fedora、openSUSE、Mandriva、CentOS、Mepis、Xandros 等 Linux 发行版,你可以从这里下载

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