Pidgin 更新:2.5.2

支持多种协议的流行即时通讯客户端 Pidgin 已于近日放出了一个维护版本 2.5.2。该版本主要对 MSN、XMPP、Yahoo 等协议,以及 Pidgin 本身和 libpurple 库中的缺陷进行了修正。另外也包括一些细微的改进,如 XMPP 支持发送和接收自定义表情、在首选项中添加了静音选项等。

以下是 Pidgin 2.5.2 的更新记录,供大家参考:

* Fixed a crash on removing a custom buddy icon on a buddy.
* Fixed a crash caused by certain self-signed SSL certificates.
* Enable a number of strong ciphers which were previously disabled when using NSS. (Thanks to Marcus Trautwig.)

* The status selector now saves your message when changing status.
* Fix a case where a conversation window could close unexpectedly.
* A mute sounds option has been added to the preferences window to help with discoverability. CTRL+S is no longer bound to mute.
* Added ability to change the color of visited links (using the theme control plugin, or setting the color in ~/.gtkrc-2.0)
* Fix a crash occuring when a custom smiley is deleted and re-added and used in an open conversation after being re-added.

* A new 'Nested Grouping' option in the 'Grouping' plugin. Group hierarchies are defined by the '/' character in the group names.
* A bug was fixed where some key-bindings wouldn't work with some TERMs (e.g. xterm-color, screen-linux etc.)

* Operations (such as moving to a new group) on contacts that were added in the same session should now complete correctly, and not cause synchronization errors at next login.
* Minor fixes to login process during a server transfer.
* Restored the "Has You" feature to the MSN protocol tooltips.
* ADL 205/214/etc errors should no longer prevent login.

* Sending and receiving custom smileys using the specification in XEP-0231 (bits of binary) and XHTML-IM

* Only send a Ping once every hour. This prevents the account from being disconnected from the server periodically.

Pidgin 2.5.2 的源代码可从这里下载。

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