Pidgin 2.4.0 发布

Pidgin 在今天发布了 2.4.0 版。新版本对 libpurple 库、Pidgin 及 Finch 都有所改进。比如,libpurple 添加了对 AIM 的离线消息支持、现在支持 Yahoo! Messenger 7.0+ 以上版本的文件传输方法、Pidgin 聊天窗口的文字输入区域能够自动调整大小等。另外,Pidgin 2.4.0 也对一些 bug 进行了修正。


Pidgin 2.4.0 的详细更改日志如下:

  • libpurple
    o Added support for offline messages for AIM accounts (thanks to Matthew Goldstein)
    o Fixed various problems with loss of status messages when going or returning from idle on MySpaceIM.
    o Eliminated unmaintained Howl backend implementation for the Bonjour protocol. Avahi (or Apple's Bonjour runtime on win32) is now required to use Bonjour.
    o Partial support for viewing ICQ status notes (Collin from ComBOTS GmbH).
    o Support for /notice on IRC.
    o Support for Yahoo! Messenger 7.0+ file transfer method (Thanumalayan S.)
    o Support for retrieving full names and addresses from the address book on Yahoo! Japan (Yusuke Odate)
    o The AIM/ICQ server-side preference for "allow others to see me as idle" is no longer unconditionally set to "yes" even when your libpurple preference is "no."
    o Fix SSL certificate checks for renewed certificates
    o Fix the ability to set vCard buddy icons on Google Talk/XMPP
    o D-Bus fixes on 64bit
    o Fixed retrieval of buddy icons and setting of server-side aliases on Yahoo! and Yahoo! Japan when using an HTTP proxy server (Gideon N. Guillen)
    o Fixed an MSN bug that would leave you appearing offline when transferred to different server

  • Pidgin
    o Input text area in conversation windows auto-resizes to fit more lines (up to a maximum of 4 lines)
    o Added the ability to theme conversation name colors (red and blue) through your GTK+ theme, and exposed those theme settings to the Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control plugin (Dustin Howett)
    o Fixed having multiple alias edit areas in the infopane (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
    o Save the conversation "Enable Logging" option per-contact (Moos Heintzen)
    o Typing notifications are now shown in the conversation area

  • Finch
    o Color is used in the buddylist to indicate status, and the conversation window to indicate various message attributes. Look at the sample gntrc file in the man page for details.
    o The default keybinding for dump-screen is now M-D and uses a file request dialog. M-d will properly delete-forward-word, and M-f has been fixed to imitate readline's behavior.
    o New bindings alt+tab and alt+shift+tab to help navigating between the higlighted windows (details on the man page).
    o Recently signed on (or off) buddies blink in the buddy list.
    o New action 'Room List' in the action list can be used to get the list of available chat rooms for an online account.
    o The 'Grouping' plugin can be used for alternate grouping in the buddylist. The current options are 'Group Online/Offline' and 'No Group'.
    o Added a log viewer
    o Added the ability to block/unblock buddies - see the buddy context menu and the menu for the buddy list.
    o Fixed a bug preventing finch working on x86_64

你可以从这里下载 Pidgin 2.4.0 的源代码及 RPM 包

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