Pidgin 已更新到 2.1.1 版

即时通讯软件 Pidgin 在今天推出了一个更新版本 2.1.1。该版本解决了许多 UI 方面的问题,对聊天窗口进行了部分修订。另外,在支持 Yahoo!、Bonjour、XMPP 等协议方面也有所改进。



- Added an account action to open your inbox in the yahoo prpl.
- Added support for Unicode status messages in Yahoo.
- Server-stored aliases for Yahoo.
- Fixed support for Yahoo! doodling.
- Limited support for MSN Messenger contacts

- Bonjour plugin uses native Avahi instead of Howl
- Bonjour plugin supports Buddy Icons

- Only report conversation close when 'send typing notifications' preference is turned on

- Show current outgoing conversation formatting on the font label on the toolbar
- Slim new redesign of conversation tabs to maximize number of conversations that can fit in a window
- Tab bar is not visible when only one conversation is open. You can drag and drop conversations from the infopane.
- Moved "Reset Formatting" toolbar button to Font menu.
- Double click on the infopane to alias buddies and set topics on chats
- New smiley style

- Sound support

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