NVIDIA 发布 185.19 Beta 驱动


继 3 月份 NVIDIA 的显卡驱动 5 连发之后,今天 NVIDIA 又推出了最新款 185 系列 185.19 Beta 驱动,在添加一系列新特性的同时,还修正了大量 bug。


  1. VDPAU 视频加速特性可以利用显卡的 turbocache 功能所划分的系统内存了,但暂时仅限集成显卡,如 mcp 系列。
  2. 支持小于 32x32 的 pixmaps 直接缓存到显存中,该特性将显著提高 Firefox 等软件的拖动时的性能,且在 NV News 论坛上得到了用户的证实。


  • Added support for the following new GPUs:
  • Quadro FX 3800
  • Quadro FX 1800
  • Quadro FX 380
  • Quadro FX 580
  • GeForce GTS 250
  • GeForce GT 140
  • GeForce GT 130
  • GeForce 9600 GSO 512
  • Fixed SDI presentation time queries returning unexpected values.
  • Removed the 'AllowDFPStereo' X config file option, which is now enabled
    by default.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain programs to hang when multiple threads
    call functions in libdl at the same time.
  • Fixed a driver crash when OpenGL applications use an extremely large
    number of textures.
  • Text rendering to PseudoColor windows with the glyph cache enabled no
    longer causes GPU errors.
  • The X driver now allows pixmaps smaller than 32x32 pixels to be placed in
    video memory.
  • Fix a problem that prevented the driver from retraining a DisplayPort
    link after a device is hotplugged.
  • nvidia-bug-report.sh now automatically gzips the resulting log file.
  • Fix VDPAU to eliminate some cases of GPU hangs when decoding H.264 video
    on G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, or GT200 GPUs, and supplying a DPB missing some
    reference frames.
  • The VDPAU presentation queue now syncs to VBLANK in the blit path. The
    environment variable VDPAU_NVIDIA_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE selects which display to
    sync to when TwinView is enabled; see the README for details.
  • On systems using integrated graphics, VDPAU now uses system RAM instead
    of video RAM for many purposes. This should prevent "out of resources" problems
    in most cases, even when the video RAM carve-out is configured as low as 128M.
  • Added support for Quad-Buffered Stereo in the main plane simultaneously
    with the Color Index Overlay; i.e., both Stereo GLX FBConfigs and Color Index
    Overlay FBConfigs can be advertised and used at the same time, though no single
    GLX FBConfig contains both Stereo and Overlay capabilities.


  • X86:
  • X86_64:

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