KTorrent 更新到 2.2.3 版

KDE 桌面环境下的 BitTorrent 下载软件 KTorrent 于今日更新到了 2.2.3 版。这是一个 bug 修订版本,其中主要针对之前版本中所存在的各种 bug 进行了修订。同时,该版本也添加了一些由社区会员所贡献的补丁。


引用 KTorrent 2.2.3 的更改记录如下,以供大家参考:

  • Fix datacheck of 4GB+ files on 32 bit systems
  • Prioritise at least 1 % of multimedia files instead of 1 chunk
  • Fix crashes caused by SIGXFSZ (BUG: 149747)
  • Make sure body tag is OK in 404 and 500 error defines in webgui (BUG: 150023)
  • Fix bug which allows clients to trick KT in enabling PEX on private torrents
  • If do not use KDE proxy is enabled and no alternative proxy is set, make sure we use no proxy at all for HTTP tracker connections. (BUG: 150284)
  • Removed slashes which prevent opening torrents to work in ktshell
  • Fix broken preexsting file check, which can result in files being deleted when the user deselects them and they already exist. (BUG: 150563)
  • When stop all and start all is pressed, make sure that start and stop buttons are updated properly (BUG: 149549)
  • Make URL of tracker selectable in tracker tab
  • Fix issue with speed calculating, causing the displayed speed to grow enormously
  • Updated Peer ID list with more clients
  • Fix crash when trying to download an empty link with the RSS plugin (BUG: 150879)
  • Fix crash at exit when the RSS plugin was loaded
  • Make TrayHoverPopup dissapear faster (BUG: 148243)
  • Sort IP addresses by their actual value and not by their string representation (BUG: 150328)
  • Added patch from Jaak Ristioja, which updates the FileView in a separate thread.
  • Make sure only the files of a torrent are moved when the data directory is changed.
  • Make sure window is not hidden when hidden_on_exit is true and the system tray icon is not enabled
  • Added patch from Stefan Monov to hide the menubar (BUG: 151450)
  • Fix crash at exit (BUG: 149827)
  • Added patch from The_Kernel, which allows you to change file priorities in the webgui
  • Backported fix for refresh bug from KDE4 version
  • Added option to limit the number of outgoing connection setups, so that people can limit the number of TCP connections in SYN_SENT state, should their router not be able to handle to much
  • Replaced TOS setting by DSCP setting
  • Added several patches from Rafael Mileki which fix and improve some things in the webgui
  • Change buttons in recreate popup to Recreate and Do Not Recreate (BUG: 151805)
  • Added patch from Lukasz Fibinger which adds a filter bar to search for torrents
  • Make sure that day and month names are not translated in HTTP headers.

你可以从这里下载 KTorrent 2.2.3 的源代码

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