K3b 1.0.3 发布

这个适用于 KDE 桌面环境的光盘烧录软件 K3b 在今天推出了 1.0.x 稳定系列的 1.0.3 版。据 K3b 的开发者宣称,这将有望成为 1.0.x 系列的最后一个版本。K3b 的下一个版本将向 1.1 Alpha 挺进。


K3b 1.03 是一个新的 bug 修订版本,其更改情况如下:

Reverted to old behaviour of reloading medium before verification.

Not enough testing had been done before introducing this and some systems fail to read the medium before reload (Bugs 147297, 147328, 147420, 147698).
# Do not crash when the currently playing audio project item is removed (Bug 147548).
# Added desktop actions to handle empty media with K3b.
# Fixed read retry when reading data tracks (Bug 147778).
# K3b's dialogs now honor the global button layout setting (Bug 147799).
# Do not crash on mp3 files without tags if compiled with taglib support (Bug 142651).
# Do not allow to copy a rewritable media to itself.
# Fixed crash on startup with devices that return bogus GET PERFORMANCE data (Bug 147676).

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