Gnome-dock 的安装使用

Gnome-dock 是一款模仿 Mac-OS Dock 的程序。Gnome-dock 只要具有 Gtk 环境就可以像 Engage 一样工作在 KDE 下。在我的机器上 Gnome-dock 需要 Beryl 才能运行,但是运行时还存在抖动现象,暂时不知道解决方案。


Gnome-dock 具有的特性如下:

  • mimics the apple universal dock in animation
  • smooth graphics including composite transparency, SVG icons, glitz/cairo
  • animations are all but flawless (minor tweeks and ticks are still around)
  • auto-hide, only works on the bottom of the screen
  • bouncing icons
  • animated background (although it may be buggy)
  • beautifully rendered text

运行 Gnome-dock 需要的条件的如下:

Cairo 1.2.0 (with glitz support = --enable-glitz)

# A recent librsvg (> 2.14.4 will do it, i'm using a rawhide librsvg2-2.15.90-1.fc6 package on fedora)
# glitz >= 0.5.3 (i'm using 0.5.6)
# Xorg/Xcompmgr - I have a utility Gnome Settings Visualeffects for configuring xcompmgr, which needs work if anyone is up for it.
# Xgl/Compiz

small cairo dock

安装步骤:(ubuntu 的 deb 包是我自己编译的,大家可以选择安装。)

1.安装 Cairo。[tar.gz|ubuntu-6.06.1-deb]

2.安装 glitz。[tar.gz|[ubuntu-6.06.1-deb]

3.安装 librsvg。

4.下载 gnome-dock。解压文件后,进入目录执行:

make clean make

修改目录下 文件:

#!/bin/bash cd /home/latteye/soft/cairo-dock##此处为你gnome-dock文件夹地址## LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./cairo-dock --no-glitz

5.执行 即可运行 gnome-dock。

修改 gnome-dock 上的图标需要修改源代码。打开目录下 cairo-dock.c 文件,找到如下代码,按格式添加后重新编译即可:

static Icon g_aIcons[] =
      {"gnome-fs-home.svg", "Home", "nautilus /home/latteye"},
      {"clock.svg", "Clock", "/usr/bin/cairo-clock"},
      {"web-browser.svg", "Browser", "firefox"},
      {"email.svg", "E-Mail", "evolution -c mail"},
      {"im.svg", "IM", "gaim"},
      {"development.svg", "IDE", "eclipse"},
      {"search.svg", "Search", "beagle-search"},
      {"terminal.svg", "Terminal", "gnome-terminal"},
      {"lockscreen.svg", "Lock", "gnome-screensaver-command --lock"},
      {"stop.svg", "Kill", "xkill"},
      {"logout.svg", "Logout", "gnome-session-save --kill"},
      {"user-trash-full.svg", "Trash", "nautilus trash:///"}

(注:此文作者为 latteye,由其本人投递到 linuxtoy,原始链接,非常感谢)

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