GIMP 2.4.2 发布

图像处理软件 GIMP 在今天发布了 2.4.2 版。GIMP 2.4.2 是针对 2.4 稳定分支的更新版本,其中没有添加任何新特性,仅仅是修正各种 bug。GIMP 2.4.2 主要移除了损坏及无效的 HSV 图形脚本,修订了种种错误,并更新了一些翻译。


GIMP 2.4.2 更改记录如下:

  • removed broken and useless HSV Graph script (bug #491311)
  • update the histogram when a color correction tool is cancelled (bug


  • fixed a crash with certain plug-in or script descriptions (bug


  • corrected a tooltip (bug #495564)
  • fixed a crash when GIMP is run without any modules (bug #495863)
  • fixed error handling in the TIFF plug-in
  • fixed a problem with Sample points
  • fixed a crash when merging layers in indexed image (bug #495990)
  • update the histogram when painting (bug #494049)
  • fixed another problem with merge operations on indexed images (bug


  • fixed crash in TIFF plug-in when saving indexed images (bug


  • changed defaults so that a system monitor profile is only used when the
    user explicitely enabled this feature (bug #496890)
  • fixed endless loop when running equalize on transparent areas (bug


  • fixed heap corruption in GimpColorScale widget that caused a crash in the
    Compose plug-in (bug #399484)
  • fixed use of background color in Particle Trace script (bug


  • set the image menu insensitive when there's no image opened (bug


  • translation updates (ca, et, it, lt, pt, pt_BR, sr, sv)

GIMP 2.4.2 的源代码可到这里下载。

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