GIMP 2.3.15

这是 GIMP 2.4 正式发布之前的又一个开发快照版,其版本号为 2.3.15,于昨日推出。此版本包括一些细微的改进,同时也修正了上一版的错误,并对代码做了相应的清理工作。

GIMP 2.3.15 的更新情况如下:

  • added keyboard control to rectangle tools and improved their tool options
  • improved console handling on Win32
  • support large XCF files (> 2GB) on Win32 also
  • cleanup of the internal undo system
  • ask before overwriting files, not only for image files
  • added "Revert Zoom" functionality
  • added GimpStringComboBox widget to libgimpwidgets
  • added HAL support for hotplug of Linux Input devices
  • added support for shaped windows to the Screenshot plug-in
  • improved handling of incomplete PNG files
  • categorize contributors into active and inactive
  • added controller module for DirectInput controllers on Win32
  • speed up transform tools
  • improved tool cancellation framework
  • fixed Select -> Border behaviour and added option for 'sticky image edges'
  • bug fixes and code cleanup

此版本为测试版,不推荐普通用户使用。另外,GIMP 使用手册 0.12 也在此版发布前两日放出了。

Download GIMP 2.3.15 (source code)

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