GIMP 2.2.14

这是 GIMP 针对 2.2 稳定分支而推出的一个 bug 修正版。该版本没有引入新增特性,而仅仅是修正之前版本中所存在的各种问题。如果想要尝试 GIMP 的新特性,那么可以等待稍后发布的 GIMP 2.4 版。

GIMP 2.2.14 主要修正的问题如下:

  • avoid crashing on newer versions of the winicon format
  • fixed crash in Postscript plug-in
  • fixed handling of TABs in the text tool
  • fixed bug in Depth Merge plug-in
  • fixed bug in GimpDrawablePreview widget
  • fixed bug in Line Nove script
  • fixed bug in Ripple plug-in
  • save locale independent files from Fractal Explorer plug-in
  • fixed bug in Super Nova plug-in
  • be more robust against broken XCF files
  • fixed drawing issues in Image Map plug-in
  • fixed smoothing option in Fractal Explorer plug-in
  • load channels in the proper order when opening an XCF file
  • deal with floating selections in the Burn-In Animation script
  • fixed clipping in the GimpPreviewArea widget
  • fixed a potential crash in gimp-remote
  • work around a file-chooser problem on Windows
  • fixed markup of the gimp(1) manual page
  • fixed the fix for the right-to-left layout in layers dialog
  • fixed PSD save plug-in on 64bit architectures
  • added missing dependency in gimpui-2.0.pc file
  • fixed a crash in the PSD save plug-in
  • improved robustness of transform tool preview code
  • improved forward compatibility of XCF loader
  • don't crash in the Compressor plug-in if files can't be opened
  • fixed sensitivity of input fields in the Lighting plug-in

Download GIMP 2.2.14

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