Geany 更新到 0.12 版

Geany 是一个轻量级的集成开发环境。近日,Geany 的开发者将程序更新到了 0.12 版。新版本不仅添加了很多新特性,而且也包括一些改进和 bug 修订。此外,该版本还添加了插件接口,通过开发插件可以扩展 Geany 的功能。

Geany 屏幕截图

Geany 0.12 的详细更新情况如下:

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed opening the same file twice from the message window/command-line.
- Fixed Ctrl-Shift keybindings not working when caps lock is on.
- Fixed saving the wrong document when using Save All with unnamed documents.
- Fixed replacing with '^' or '$' regex chars.
- Fixed hang with Find All/Find Usage with '^' or '$' regex chars.
- Fixed hang when replacing all '[ ]*' regex matches (closes


  • Fixed displaying error indicators with Make after entering a subdirectory.
  • Fixed a possible segfault when parsing tags (a vString bug).
  • Fixed clipboard problems with some applications.
  • Fixed crash when trying to open the Save As dialog on Windows.
  • Fixed crash when saving a file after setting encoding "None".
  • Fixed scrolling bugs when searching text and the cursor is outside of current visible area.

- Added reStructuredText filetype and parser.
- Added Haskell tags support (thanks to Peter Strand).
- Added decorator styling for Python.
- Parse Python global variables and class variables.
- Added support for Java Apache Ant compiler error messages (thanks to Jon Senior).
- Added new filetypes CSharp and FreeBasic.
- Added filetype Haxe (patch by blackdog, thank you).

- Added basic plugin support (developers: see the HACKING file).
- Added 'Enable plugin support' preference and -p, --no-plugins options.
- Added Class Builder plugin (thanks to Alexander Rodin).
- Added Export plugin to export current file as HTML or LaTeX.

Keyboard shorcuts:
- Common bash Ctrl-[a-z] keyboard shortcuts now work when the VTE is focused, and there is an 'enable_bash_keys' hidden preference.
- Added 'Move document left' and 'Move document right' keybindings.
- Added Find keybinding.
- Made fixed keybindings overridable.
- Added fixed keybindings for switching to leftmost/rightmost document, Ctrl-Shift-{PageUp,PageDown}.
- Change Previous/Next Paragraph fixed commands to Ctrl-{Up,Down}; adding Shift extends selection by paragraph. (Scroll by line is now Alt-{Up,Down}).
- Made pressing escape focus the editor when using incremental search or Goto Line toolbar fields.
- Added keybinding for select current paragraph.
- Added keybindings for smart indent and indent/deindent by one space.
- Removed convert to lower-/upper-case keybindings.
- Added toggle case keybinding and change shortcut to Ctrl-Alt-U.

- Added preference for 'smart' home key behaviour (thanks to Jeff Pohlmeyer).
- Added symbol list icons (thanks to Jean-François Wauthy, and KDevelop for the icons).
- Added 'Current chars' indentation mode (closes #1726880).
- Save and restore the current notebook page when quitting.
- Added support for f in project run command.
- Ignore punctuation chars when moving by word, and use word end boundaries when moving by word to the right (like most GTK+ widgets).
- Added hidden editor preference 'use_gtk_word_boundaries'.
- Added auto_complete_whilst_editing hidden preference.
- Speed up Save All for C-like files.
- Don't show file opened/saved/closed messages on the status bar.
- Added --no-preprocessing, -P option when generating tags files to disable preprocessing of C/C++ source files.
- Added default startup directory option (closes #1704988).
- Use current locale as default encoding for new files.
- Added simple code navigation (thanks to Dave Moore).
- Re-maximize the main window on startup when closed in maximized state (closes #1730369).
- Added auto focus (to auto focus widgets below mouse cursor).
- Complete rewrite of auto completion to make it user-definable and much more flexible (please read documentation).
- Added option to set a default encoding when opening files and disable auto detection of the file encoding.
- Improved comment toggling by adding an additional character to mark.
- Changed the background colour of the search bar in the toolbar according to the search result.
- Use intltool to make geany.desktop translatable
- Replace Geany's icon by a new one by Sebastian Kraft (thanks). (Thanks also to Christoph Berg for updating the icon code).

- Changed documentation generation tools from DocBook to reST (thanks to John Gabriele for his great work on this).
- Added Plugins section.
- Added 'Inserting unicode characters' Editing section (thanks to John Gabriele).
- Added 'Hidden preferences' appendix.
- Added 'Switching documents' keybindings section.

- Added notes on adding a filetype.

- New translations: en_GB.
- Updated translations: ca, cs, de, es, fi, fr, hu, it, pl, pt_BR, zh_CN.

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