Fluxbox 1.0 RC 3

Fluxbox 1.0 RC 3 于昨日放出,据了解,这是最后一个 RC 版,紧接着将要发布的是 1.0.0 稳定版。此版本引入了一些新特性,如:keys 文件现在支持鼠标按钮、添加了自动更新配置文件的工具等。另外,许多 bug 也得到了修正。

以下是 Fluxbox 1.0 RC 3 的更新记录:

  • Introduced support for mouse buttons in the keys file
  • Mouse buttons are bound to new `keys' Mouse1, Mouse2, etc.
  • Also a new modifier `OnDesktop' to specify actions that should take place
    when you click on the desktop -- without this, mouse bindings are global
  • Added a utility to the project that automatically updates configuration
    files when we change the syntax -- your current mouse bindings on the
    desktop will be added to your keys file automatically
  • Introduced new key command: HideMenus
  • Introduced a key command to display a menu stored in an arbitrary file:
    CustomMenu /path/to/file
  • More extended wm hints support:
  • _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL (new in version 1.4.draft-1),
  • Little simplification of data structure for keybindings
    Side effects:
  • "Mod4 a b" now behaves like "Mod4 a None b" -- in fact, "None" is now
    completely obsolete
  • You can press "Escape" to cancel any Emacs-style keychain in progress
    (unless it's bound to something else)
  • If there is a conflict between bindings, the first one in the file wins
  • Fixes handling of keychains like "Mod4 a Mod1 b"
  • Should fix some issues with "None" modifier
  • Updated following translations:
    pt_PT, es_ES, es_AR, pt_BR, de_DE, nb_NO
  • Support per-window transparency settings.
    ( sf.net patch #1511042, feature #1108692 )
  • new "Transparency" menu in the window menu
  • new apps file attribute:
    [alpha] {int int} (or just {int})
    Where numbers represent focused and unfocused transparency,
    respectively. One number only will be used for both.
  • Also, show toggle status for shade and stick in window menu.
  • Introduced new key command: SetAlpha [[+-] [[+-]]]
  • with no arguments, returns the focused window to default settings
  • with one argument, changes both focused and unfocused settings the same
  • with two arguments, the first changes the focused alpha, and the second
    changes the unfocused alpha
    E.g. SetAlpha 127 +5 will set the focused alpha to 127 and increment the
    unfocused alpha by 5 (until it reaches 255)
  • Added resource and menu item for maximizing over external tabs
  • Renamed session.screen.iconbar.deiconifyMode to
    .userFollowModel (Mark)
    This resource is used for:
  • clicking a window on a different workspace in the iconbar
  • _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW messages where the source is a pager
  • clicking a client in the workspace menu (and the opposite is used for
    right clicks)
    Possible values are:
  • Follow: go to the workspace of the selected window
  • Current: bring the window to the current workspace
  • SemiFollow: act like Current for iconified windows, else Follow
  • Ignore: leave it alone
  • Added support for negative arguments to the `Tab' key command to count
    backwards from the last tab in the group
  • Added option to :Minimize key command to lower all windows in the same
    layer as the focused window,syntax is :Minimize (layer)
  • Several changes for background style option:
  • now support background: mod' to coincide with fbsetroot -mod -- In addition tobackground.color' and background.colorTo', this option must also setbackground.modX' and `background.modY' to integers
  • added `background: none' for styles that do not include a background
  • fixed bug with style backgrounds not getting set when changing styles
  • updated default styles to be valid wrt background options
  • Made some changes to the way autogrouping in the apps file works
  • Introduced new syntax [group] (workspace) to group new windows only with
    windows on the current workspace.
  • XEMBED support for systemtray.
  • Added typeahead support to menus (patch by Philipp Goedl, modified by Mark
    and Matteo Galiazzo)
  • Added new style item menu.frame.underlineColor: for displaying
    matching items
  • session.screen.defaultDeco now allows same strings as apps file

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