Flash Player 9 for Linux Beta 2

Adobe 在今天放出了 Linux 平台上的 Flash Player 9 的第二个测试版,现在的版本号为。据介绍,该版本修复了上一版中的许多 Bug,最主要是现在解决了音频输出的问题。但 Flash Player 9 Beta 2 依旧没有包含对于全屏模式特性的支持。

在 Flash Player 9 Beta 2 中修正的 Bug 详细列表如下:

  • ALSA 2-second stopper problem
  • Leaking X11 connections
  • Flash crashes with X COMPOSITE
  • Asian characters are not displaying as expceted
  • Artifacts when initially playing + video stream freeze when selecting second video clip
  • Device text rendering performance is less than optimal
  • OS freeze right clicking flash movie after clicking another active link
  • browser crashes when trying to run use getters or setters from a different scope
  • in all the System.codePage 'FileReference', when user attempts to browse, a CRASH is generated
  • Mandriva 2006. Installing libflashplayer.so crashes browser
  • GUI not rendering correctly. Green out edges on inner frames.
  • wipe effect doesn't look right on components if they have no descenders
  • Some part of the image is shown out of panel
  • Clipping and Masking is not working correctly for Flex Containers when you scroll Text
  • Text can become garbled when window redraws.
  • Browser hangs
  • Crash accessing flash game
  • ALT key does not function in Linux player. (Ubuntu, others?)
  • RichTextEditor's formatting are not preserved during cut/copy/paste only in linux player
  • Selection copy won't paste into Flash.
  • activate, deactivate, mouseLeave events don't get fired when clicking inside/outside the player instance
  • caps lock and num lock are detected when flash player instance, or even the browser, does not have focus
  • change event not triggered when entering text in text field

这里下载 Flash Player 9 Beta 2 来更新你当前的 Flash Player 吧。

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