FileZilla 3.0.0 RC1 发布

跨平台的 FTP 客户端程序 FileZilla 在昨天推出了 3.0.0 的 RC1 版,该版本不仅添加了一些新特性,而且修正了好些错误。


由 FileZilla 官方所提供的更新记录如下:

  • Windows: Add choice between "All Users" and "Current User" to installer
  • Windows: Add Desktop and My Documents links links to directory tree
  • Windows: Ability to list shares on Network computers
  • Column withs in all list views will be saved
  • Refresh local file list after a successful file transfer
  • Add context menu to remote directory tree
  • Make Site Manager resizable
    ! Fix remotely triggered memory corruption if connection gets terminated during TLS handshake.
  • Don't leave empty files behind on failed downloads
  • Fix retry and cache logic if transfer command fails with 5yz reply
  • Limit number of simultaneous connections did not work properly
  • Refresh listing after chmod
  • Fix upload of empty files over TLS connections

FileZilla 3.0.0 RC1 的源码包和二进制包可从 网站获取。

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