F-Spot 0.4.1 发布

F-Spot 是适用于 GNOME 桌面的全功能数字图片管理软件。今天,F-Spot 开发者发布了 0.4.1 版。F-Spot 0.4.1 捆绑了 dbus-sharp,添加了 .arw 支持,新增了 RawPlusJpeg、DevelopInUFRaw、SyncCatalog 等扩展,重做了 TagView 等。此外,该版本还包括一些细微的改进及大量的 bug 修复。


F-Spot 0.4.1 更改记录为 (引用自官方网站):

  • bundle dbus-sharp only if it's not installed
  • Keep full uris for photo and versions internally, enable r+j versioning and things.
  • .arw support (sony A100)
  • Some new extensions: RawPlusJpeg, DevelopInUFRaw, SyncCatalog
  • Reworked TagView
  • Inhibit/Unhinibit the screensaver in slideshow.
  • 'No Image' and 'Alternate file' buttons on the edit tag dialog
  • Some additional fixes to the slideshow mode
  • Fixes some regressions of 0.4.0
  • Proteced version
  • Updated translations: ca, es, eu, fi, hu, gl, it, lt, oc, pl, pt_BR, sv

你可以从这里下载 F-Spot 0.4.1 的源代码

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