Eye of GNOME 2.18.2

Eye of GNOME,简称 eog,它是 GNOME 桌面环境的默认图像查看器。此软件支持查看多种图像文件格式,如 ani、bmp、gif、ico、jpeg、pcx、png、svg、tiff、xpm 等。

Eye of GNOME

eog 于今天发布了 2.18.2 版,新版本包含一些改进和 bug 修订。详细情况如下:

  • Calculate correctly the maximum printed image size on
    landscape page (Claudio Saavedra)
  • Fix problem when possibly applying parallel image
    transformations (Felix Riemann) [#416257]
  • Update icon cache when uninstalling icons (Brian Pepple) [#432439]
  • Code cleanups (Felix Riemann) [#433127]
  • Correctly set slideshow delay when being entered with
    the keyboard (Ryan Cumming)
  • Update README and AUTHORS files (Claudio Saavedra) [#437691]
  • Fix runtime critical warnings (Claudio Saavedra) [#430021]
  • Manual fixes (Felix Riemann) [#431297]
  • Updated translations: Yannig Marchegay (oc), Priit Laes (et)

你可以从下列地址获取 eog 最新版本的源代码。

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