Emacs 22.0.95

Emacs 不仅仅是一个编辑器,更是一种完备的操作环境。日前,这个软件放出了一个更新版 22.0.95,该版本不仅使其在其他平台上具备了完整的功能,而且改善了针对 Unicode 的支持。

现引用 Emacs 22.0.95 的更改记录:

  • Emacs 22 has gained fully functional ports for Windows, Mac OS X, and GTK+.
  • Unicode support was improved.
  • The defaults were changed.
  • More integrated packages (Leim, calc, tramp) were added, and lots of other improvements were made.

Download Emacs 22.0.95

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