digiKam 0.9.1

digiKam 在继两个 RC 版之后,由其项目团队于今日最终发布了 0.9.1 正式版。digiKam 是 KDE 桌面环境中一款既好用又强大的数字图片管理软件。新的版本添加了一些新的特性,也解决了之前版本中所存在的好些问题。

现援引 digiKam 官方所发布的更新记录如下:

General :
- Native JPEG2000 image loader. Warning for lossy JPEG file saving
- Tags View from Comments & Tags side bar support drag & drop.
- Batch tool to sync all pictures metadata (EXIF/IPTC) with digiKam database content.
- Status bar in Album Gui with a progress bar, text bar, and navigate bar.
- Native SlideShow tool which uses the Image Preview feature. RAW files can be slided very fast. Configurable data display. Album recursive mode available
- The tags trees are stored as such into IPTC fields
- Removed imlib2 and libkexif dependencies. Add Exiv2 and LCMS dependencies
- Usability improvements everywhere
- digiKamImageplugins

AlbumGUI :
- Improvement of pop-up menu of Tags Filter View and Comment & Tags ON auto selection/deselection of parents/child tags in Tags treeview.
- Preview picture mode use a memory cache to speed-up loading.
- Preview mode has better a context pop-up menu.
- Prefer Exif DateTimeOriginal to sort images (DateTimeDigitized and DateTime used as fallback)

Image Plugins :
- All tools remember settings between sessions
- All tools render properly preview of image using Color Managed View
- All tools use the same keyboard shortcuts as PhotoShop
- Brightness/Contrast/Gamma : setting value excursion are the same as Photoshop.
- New option in all Color corrections Tools to show under-exposed and over-exposed areas of corrected picture before applying corrections
- Add Border Tool : add new option to preserve aspect ratio. Border Width can be set in pixels or in percentage
- Perspective Tool : add a grid and vertical/horizontal guide lines.
- Ratio-crop Tool : usability improvements from Jaromir Malenko.
- Auto Color Correction Tool : add new filter to perform auto-exposure corrections.

Image Editor :
- Advanced options to keep ratio and alignment when printing pictures.
- Color profiles are tested now to avoid invalid files.
- Add a progress bar to Image editor/showfoto about IO image files access.
- New powerfull Noise Reduction algorithm based on dcamnoise2 implementation.

Download digiKam 0.9.1

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