Deluge 0.5.8 发布

如果你正在寻找 Linux 下功能全面的 GTK+ BitTorrent 下载软件,那么 Deluge 是一个不错的选择。Deluge 的开发非常活跃,时常更新以满足用户的需要。经过近一个月的开发,Deluge 于日前发布了 0.5.8 版。新版本为一些常用功能绑定了快捷键,引入了内置浏览器,并对某些插件进行了增强。


Deluge 0.5.8 更改日志

Deluge 0.5.8 (29 December 2007)

  • Fix handling of corrupt torrent files
  • Fix having two instances of Deluge running on Ubuntu
  • Fix problem relating to move torrent plugin not moving torrents before they get cleared

Deluge 0.5.8RC2 (25 December 2007)

  • Change add torrent to ctrl+n
  • Change notification plugin to not show the file list, but only the torrent name
  • Allow removal of browser icon from toolbar
  • Add buttons to browser to launch the main and footer frames into an external browser
  • Fix removing torrents from deluge template of webui - vonck7
  • Set the advanced webui template as default
  • Cut down significantly on the memory usage of the blocklist plugin
  • Fix some UPnP bugs
  • Fix "New version" alert from freezing sometimes
  • Prioritizes local peers over non-local ones when finding connect
  • Wish everyone a happy holiday :)

Deluge 0.5.8RC1 (22 December 2007)

  • Key bindings:
    ctrl+a adds a torrent
    ctrl+l adds a torrent via URL ctrl+p pauses torrent(s)
    ctrl+r resumes torrent(s)
    delete removes torrent(s)
  • Fix total uploaded display bug
  • Fix seeding ratio stop on finished torrents
  • Fix zombie processes from occuring
  • Fix saying goodbye to trackers
  • Increase auto remove ratio to 100
  • Fix problem on Windows with filenames that have special characters
  • Fix saving of which columns to show
  • Fix init script error on exotic systems
  • Add web seed to Torrent Creator plugin
  • TorrentSearch is now built-in
  • Add internal anonymizing browser - Key bindings for that are as follows:
    ctrl+l focus on location bar
    ctrl+k focus on search bar
    ctrl+r refreshes current page
    ctrl+enter adds 'www.' and '.com' to url string
    shift+enter adds 'www.' and '.net' to url string

Deluge 可在 Linux、Mac OS X 及 Windows 平台上运行,你可以从这里下载 Deluge 0.5.8

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