Deluge 0.5.7 发布

BitTorrent 下载软件 Deluge 在今天发布了 0.5.7 版。该版本主要包括添加了 Scrape 支持、手动强制复查、本地 peer 发现、高级的进度栏、自动载入文件夹、以及设置选项等。此外,Deluge 0.5.7 也改进了 WebUI 和 Scheduler 插件,并修正了许多 bug。


Deluge 0.5.7 更改日志

  • Scrape support
  • Manual force-recheck
  • Add local peer discovery (aka local service discovery)
  • Blocklist plugin will now display errors, instead of just crashing on a bad list or wrong type
  • Add torrent in paused state option
  • Add advanced progress bar
  • Fix bug in merging trackers
  • Various updates to WebUI, including https support and advanced template by vonck7
  • Add maximum connection attempts per second preference
  • Fix bug where loaded plugins were forgotten if Deluge crashed
  • Fix ratio bugs (hopefully for the last time)
  • Add preference to only show file selection popup if torrent has multiple files
  • Fix pause all and resume all bugs
  • Fix client not loading if our website goes down (new version check failing)
  • Allow torrent creation with no trackers
  • Scheduler plugin revamp by Ben Klein
  • Fix ETA from going backwards
  • UI warning on full HD - no longer just silently pauses torrents
  • Replace SimpleRSS with FlexRSS
  • Add preference for the location of torrent files
  • Add autoload folder
  • Copy translator credits from Launchpad to our about->credits
  • Differentiate between queued and paused torrents. Able to pause queued torrents - patch by yobbobandana
  • Show error when writing/permission problems occur
  • Fix invalid handle error
  • Fix toolbar icon/text issue
  • Fix more invalid handle errors
  • Fix Portuguese encryption drop-down boxes
  • Fix some translation issues with gtk stock

你可以从这里下载 Deluge 0.5.7,包括源代码及适用于 UbuntuDebianGentoo 等 Linux 发行版的安装包。

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