Deluge 0.5.6 发布

全功能的 BitTorrent 下载客户端 Deluge 已经发布了 0.5.6 版。这是一个值得为之升级的版本,其中包括添加了我们之前所提及的 Web UI 功能、修正了数据丢失必须重新下载的问题、使用新的完全分配方法来保留已下载的数据、托盘锁定密码不再存储在无格式文本文件中、更新了 Scheduler 插件、以及修正了许多 bug 等等。


Deluge 0.5.6 的详细更改情况如下:

  • Web Interface Plugin
  • Hopefully fix "losing data" and having to re-download parts (for real this time)
  • Use new full allocation method which does not create files until one of its pieces is downloaded
  • Tray lock password is no longer stored in plain text
  • Update the Scheduler plugin and fix a bunch of bugs on it
  • Double-clicking on a torrent opens up its containing folder
  • Fix SpeedLimiter plugin when setting upload limits
  • Fix MoveTorrent plugin when moving actively downloading torrents
  • Pause torrents while importing blocklist and resume them when finished
  • Remove TorrentPieces and disable its use
  • A whole bunch of stuff for Win32
  • Add private flag to TorrentCreator plugin
  • Use SVG for internal logo usage (except on Win32)
  • Use theme for tray icon instead of hard-coded
  • Properly release port on shutdown
  • TorrentFiles plugin now has progress bars
  • Removing torrent files no longer deletes files that werent part of the torrent
  • New max half-open connections setting to deal with cheap/broken routers
  • Inherit UPnP fixes from libtorrent
  • Use threading for everything, instead of spawnning

除了源码包之外,Deluge 0.5.6 还为 Ubuntu、Debian、Gentoo 等 Linux 发行版准备有安装包。你可以从这里下载 Deluge 0.5.6 的各种安装包

[Thanks zissan!]

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