Beryl 0.2.0

Beryl 0.2.0 已经由 Beryl 开发团队正式推出。新版本已通过用户的广泛测试,它除了增添了许多好玩的新功能、更加养眼的效果、更好的用户支持之外,也更加稳定。

Beryl 0.2.0 的主要更改情况如下:

  • New Plugins
  • Thumbnail: Thumbnails on the taskbar (window list) which show a mini view of the actual window
  • Snap: Allows windows to “snap” to each other, or provide edge resistance
  • Opacify: Makes windows behind the active window transparent
  • Group: Allows windows to be group, to easily switch between a set of windows

  • New system requirements check

  • The improved check has much better accuracy
  • The check is a lot faster

  • New Window Decorators

  • Since 0.1, we have two new window decorators
  • Heliodor: Uses metacity themes
  • Aquamarine: Uses Kwin themes.

  • Newly Rewritten Beryl-Settings

  • Written in Python
  • More user-friendly UI
  • Better profile support

  • New Translations

  • Thanks to all of our foreign speaking users, we’ve had a much better time getting translations
    in, and completed. So thank you!

Download Beryl 0.2.0

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