Azureus 发布

Azureus 是一款使用 Java 语言开发而成的跨平台的 BitTorrent 下载软件。最近,Azureus 发布了 版,该版本在核心模块、用户界面、以及插件等方面有所改进和增强。


以下为 Azureus 的详细更新记录,供参考:

- Core: Reconnect to peers after unexpected disconnect / recover stats of recently disconnected peers [Parg,The 8472]
- Core: Global download speed limit can also limit the number of outgoing requests, this should improve TCP performance [The 8472]
- does not work with auto-speed since an explicit download speed-limit must be set
- downloads from as few peers as possible when the global limit is reached
- prioritizes downloads which are on the head of the queue
- Core: IP binding now provides primitive round-robin load balancing for users with multiple internet connections; accepts interface names and IPv6 binding (if supported on the platform) [The 8472]
- Core: Embed ChangeLog.txt in release jar [Nolar]
- UI: Column menu option to automatically put contents of cell into the tooltip [amc1]
- UI: Piece distribution view is now also available as a peer subview [The 8472]
- UI: Added 'time remaining' column to peers view [Parg]
- UI: Added option to suppress file download dialog [khai]
- UI: Various progress reports have been unified; main status bar can display progress for certain processes now [khai]
- Plug: Plugins can now change the color of rows [amc1]
- Plug: Plugins can add configuration colour parameters [amc1]

- Core: Attempt to re-open a file when access fails to try and recover from a transient error [Parg]
- Core: Auto speed default is now the new 'beta' (v2) algorithm [ranul]
- Core: Revised piece picking code to deal better with some edge cases and snubbed peers [The 8472]
- Core: Share Ratio/min Seeds ignore rule now applies even when no tracker scrape is available [The 8472]
- UI: Added private torrent indicator to the general tab [The 8472]
- UI: Logging Consoles now have regex-based filters [The 8472]
- UI: Tweaked table views to use a bit less memory and run better when items are being quickly removed/added [TuxPaper]

- UI: Don't hang UI redraw if file access is slow [Parg]
- UI: Fixed inconsistencies in the Torrent Open Dialog related to renaming and retargeting files and directories [The 8472]

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