Audacious 1.3.0

Audacious 是一个衍生自 BMP ( beep-media-player ) 的音乐播放器,感觉像经典的 Winamp。和 XMMS 相比,我认为 Audacious 更好一些,因为它支持更多好用的插件,且包含更好的设置管理器。

Audacious 的最新版 1.3.0 即将放出,该版本不仅会给用户带来新的特性,而且增加了好些新的插件。官方提供的完整列表如下:

New plugins:

  • The wavpack plugin, which supports WavPack format files.
  • The alarm plugin, which is a port of XMMS-Alarm.
  • The metronom plugin, which provides a Metronome.
  • The stdio plugin, which supports file:// streams.
  • The tta plugin, which supports TrueAudio format files.
  • The curl plugin, which provides an http and https transport.
  • The mms plugin, which connects audacious to libmms for mms:// streams.
  • The statusicon plugin, which minimizes audacious to the tray.
  • The rovascope plugin, which is like the "intelligent visualizer" in Winamp.

Enhancements to plugins:

  • The mpgdec plugin supports seeking in HTTP streams now.
  • The console plugin now supports AY, KSS, HES and SAP files.
  • The modplug plugin now builds libmodplug inline.
  • The paranormal plugin now includes a SuperScope implementation, a scripted blitter, and an implementation of AVS' "Trans / Dynamic Movement".
  • The scrobbler plugin now supports the Gerpok service, which is a alike, and has experimental support for Hatena.
  • The vorbis plugin was heavily refactored.

New translations:

  • Bulgarian
  • Serbian

New core features/plugin updates:

  • The playlist code has been rewritten using conditional variables, which has resulted in speed improvements for the playlist code overall.
  • The behaviour for detecting filemagic has been redone and is now more scalable.
  • DoubleSize support has been improved significantly.
  • Race conditions in produce_audio() have been corrected.
  • The playlist editor is now properly drawn in shaded mode.
  • Automatic character detection now supports encapsulated UTF-8 strings.
  • GnomeVFS support has been removed, and a new plugin-based transport layer has been added.
  • The controlsocket code is no longer stack-dependant.
  • Behaviour regarding conversion of %20 in the playlist has been improved.
  • Window decorations can now be enabled.
  • The .po files have been simplified.
  • Support for multiple playlists has been added.
  • The Jump-to-File code has been rewritten and now supports searching with regular expressions. In addition, the search is done without GTK redrawing the list for every result, and as a result is realtime.
  • The UI has been severely reworked, notable enhancements include UI Manager, Search and Select, and much more.
  • A configuration backend for libmcs has been added.
  • Audacious now supports the XDG BASEDIR standard.
  • A lot of legacy XMMS and BMP code has been removed or replaced.
  • Debugging tools have been added for debugging memory management.
  • A safe signalling implementation has been completed.
  • A voiceprint visualization mode has been added.
  • Support for changing the tint of the graphics in skins has been added.
  • Many deprecated GDK calls have been updated.

Enhancements to audtool:

  • The playback-seek-relative action has been fixed.

As usual, memory leak and reliability improvements.

Download Audacious 1.3.0

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