Anjuta DevStudio 2.3.0 放出

适用于 GNOME 桌面的集成开发环境 Anjuta DevStudio 在今天放出了 2.3.0 版。这是 Anjuta DevStudio 2.4.0(开发代号 Tornado)的首个开发版。此版本与旧版本相比,添加了许多新的特性,主要包括 beefed up 调试器支持、新的图标、新的文件管理器插件、与文档整合得更为友好的 glade 设计器、重新组织了首选项、改进了代码助手、以及为语言绑定改进了插件框架等等。


Anjuta DevStudio 2.3.0 的详细更新记录如下:

  • Support for GError in interfaces.
  • Big improvements in debugger.
  • On demand preferences dialog (faster startup) and moved to Edit
  • Moved plugins and shortcuts settings inside General preferences page.
  • Move preferences menu from Settings to Edit submenu.
  • Got rid of Settings submenu.
  • Updates for glade-3 recent releases.
  • Sort preferences pages on title.
  • Introduced document-interface and reorganized documents handling such
    that documents tab can now hold any 'document' and not just editors.
  • Glade files are now opened as documents, so they behave just like
  • Do not display registers list if not available
  • Big fixes in glade plugin.
  • Fixed lots of memory leaks (thansk valgrind)
  • Change the address of FSF in various files
  • Cleaned up message view (#458041)
  • Cleaned up message view
  • Removed some deprecated widgets.
  • New and better (uses gnome-vfs) file-manager plugin
  • Big improvements in autocompletion, both in scintilla and sourceview
  • Whole lot of new icons for toolbars and plugins.
  • Added preference option to set the gdl switcher style
  • Function tooltips are finally supported in sourceview.
  • Added nicer icons for document manager and debugger.
  • New incremental "Quick Search" bar in the document manager
  • Improvements in plugin framework.
  • Added API for commands override in build interface

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